Boiler Repair Service

At Olar Mechanical, we offer an extensive range of boiler repair and maintenance services for commercial properties in Southwestern Ontario and we have been doing so for close to four decades. Our extensive experience in the field, coupled with the decades of combined experience of our expert staff allow us to provide the best services in the cities in which we operate and we have a long list of satisfied customers. It doesn’t matter the specific type of boiler repair service you are looking for- our experts will be able to handle any type of boiler repair that is needed to get your equipment back up and functioning the way they should be.

Preventative boiler repair and maintenance

The number one reason why boilers break down even while they are still relatively new is poor maintenance. As with many other types of equipment, most boiler issues usually start out as small problems that slowly develop into major problems that damage the boilers after they have been left unattended to for some time. As such, the best way to deal with such problems is by solving them as soon as they begin to manifest- before they develop into major problems that might be even more expensive in terms of repairs or even require a complete overhaul and replacement of the boilers altogether. This is why at Olar Mechanical we provide boiler maintenance services to customers in the GTHA who want to prolong the life spans of their boilers and reduce the probability of sudden damage and breakdown. Our experts will conduct regular inspections and checks at scheduled intervals to ensure that your boilers are working properly and that there is nothing you need to be concerned about.

The main aim of our preventative boiler repair service is to repair any and all damages to the boilers immediately they occur and so keep them from developing into bigger problems that could compromise your operations.

Emergency boiler repair service

Because we understand that it is not always possible to prevent all types of damage to boilers and that accidental damage could occur at any time caused by any number of reasons, we have a team of emergency experts who are able to provide emergency boiler repair services if and when the need should arise. Simply call us for Boiler repair services in the GTHA using any of our emergency contact numbers below and we will dispatch an expert to your location as soon as possible to help you deal with the problem.